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Black History Month

October is Black History Month and in class we have been learning about pioneers – people who have fought against discrimination to achieve their dreams. We have found out about some people who are famous for being the first to do something that many people thought that they could not do.

Frank Bailey became the UK’s first black firefighter in the 1950s. He campaigned against racism and helped many other fire fighters follow in his footsteps. We though of other pioneers, like Amelia Earhart, who achieved things that people thought they could not do.

On Thursday we had an exciting drama workshop, where we learned about some other famous black pioneers:


Click on the links to find out more about these inspiring people.

We acted out role plays to tell their stories and danced in our own Notting Hill Carnival.

Do you have any pioneers in your family, who were the first to do something or worked hard to achieve their goals?

Who are your family’s heroes? 

Leave your ideas as a reply.



Book Fair

The Book Fair has arrived at Clapham Manor! You can visit the Book Fair every morning and after school until next Wednesday. Don’t worry if your favourite book has sold out, you can order them from the book fair too. If we sell lots of books we will get some lovely new books for school.

Click the links below to have a look at some of the books on sale.


Read Alone (6+)

Welcome to Reading (2+)







What books do you think look good? What should we order for our class library? 

Leave a reply with your favourites.

Take One Picture

Take One Picture is a competition for schools run every year by the National gallery in London. Each year, the gallery chooses a picture from its collection, and challenges schools to create artwork inspired by that piece.

Take a look at this years painting.

Penelope with the Suitors (Pintoricchio, about 1509)

1P looked closely at the painting and  were inspired by the castle you can see out of the window. We used clay to create our own castles, and used different tools to create patterns and textures on our castle walls.

Here are some of the finished pieces. (Have a look in the corridor outside Year 1’s classrooms) They will be on display with every class’ Take One Picture artwork in an exhibition later this term. Last year some of our school’s work was displayed in the National Gallery, do you think we will make it this year?

For more information on Take One Picture or the National Gallery (which you can visit for free) follow the link below.

The Big Science Question!

This term the science team challenged us to answer the question:

Will it ever be possible to become invisible?

We investigated this question for home learning. Here are a few of 1P’s ideas.


What do you think? Will scientists find a way to make things invisible?

Leave your ideas as a reply.

Remember to check out some of the ideas people have had on the Science Blog.

Mr Pittard

The Journey Continues…

This term the whole school has been reading the book ‘Quest’ by Aaron Becker. It is the sequel to ‘Journey’ which we all read last year. The book has no words, so the whole story is told through the amazing illustrations. In Quest we find out what happens when the two main characters continue to find magic crayons following a mysterious map.

Watch the clip below to get a taster of this brilliant book.

What was your favourite part of the story?

What do you think could happen next?

Leave your ideas in the comments.