1P’s £1 Shopping Trip

We have been learning about money in maths this term. On Wednesday we had a special surprise from Eddie the Elf because we had helped him work out some maths. We had £1 for each group to buy a healthy snack from Iceland.

In our groups we had someone to carry the pound coin, someone to carry the bag, someone to pick out our snack, someone to pay and someone to collect the receipt and change.

What would you buy with £1?

How many ways can you make £1 using the coins below?

Leave your ideas as a reply.

99 Red Balloons!

It’s panto season already and Year 1 will be performing in the end of term production of ‘Dick Whittington’ in December. Our class’ song is ’99 Red Balloons’. Song words went home in your home learning books, and are attached below, along with the music for the song (it’s a little different to the original so don’t use YouTube versions!)

We will be practising our dance and organising costumes over the coming weeks. Information about performance times and tickets will be in the school newsletter.

Happy singing!

The Great African Welly Walk

Last week 1P took part in The Great African Welly Walk 2017. We all brought our wellies to school and a donation for the charity Farm Africa. 1P raised over £30 which will help farmers in Africa earn more money from their land to give their children a good education. We walked 5 laps around the school which means everyone walked about 1 mile so our class walked over 30 miles!

Have a look at the link below to find out more about the charity:

Special Delivery!

This week Year 1 had a special delivery from the postman after he had to deliver so many postcards from half term! We opened our parcel to find lots of copies of ‘The Jolly Postman’ by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. The Jolly Postman delivers lots of letters to characters from fairy tales. Can you remember who he delivers to?

Have a look at the video below to remind you.

Beastly Interviews

Year 1 have read ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge. It is about a Beast who wants to find some friends. He travels to the city but still can’t find any other beasts, so he goes on TV to talk about his journey. We wrote questions for the Beast and hosted our own TV talk shows with the Beast. Well done to the 3 pairs below who were fantastic beasts and interviewers and earned a certificate for their talk shows!

What questions would you ask the Lonely Beast?


1P have started to have French lessons every Tuesday afternoon from our French teacher, Mademoiselle Christine. This week we learnt how to say hello (bonjour) and introduce ourselves by saying ‘Je m’appelle‘ for ‘My name is’. We learnt to answer the question ‘comment t’appelles-tu?‘ which means ‘What is your name?’



Have a look at the video below and see if you can spot any of the phrases we practised.

Do you know any other French words?

Amazing Artwork

1P have been inspired by the art work of American artist Maya Freelon Asante as part of our work over Black History Month.

While Asante was at art school she found a stack of water-soaked coloured paper in the basement which inspired her to use tissue paper. Maya uses the ink from the tissue paper to create colourful prints, collages, and sculptures.

She says “My drive to be an artist comes from more than just my immediate family. African American traditions of creative ingenuity are a constant source of inspiration in my work.”



We were inspired by Asante’s collages and have created our own collages using photographs of Frank Bailey who we have been learning about in history. We used tissue paper and watered-down PVA glue to create bright collages over the photographs. We thought about overlapping the tissue paper to make new colours and patterns. We tore the tissue paper to make shapes similar to the ones we saw in Asante’s work like this picture on the right, called ‘Nurture’.


Have a look at some of our amazing artwork in the gallery below.


Sumdog is a great website where you can practise your maths skills. we can see at school how well you are progressing and what activities you have been practising. Sometimes there are competitions too!

We have stuck your username, password and school code in the front cover of your home learning books.

Click on the link below to log-in to Sumdog and get started. (www.sumdog.com)